Specialized Driving Privileges

Specialized Driving Privileges Information

Indiana drivers whose licenses were suspended by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles or a court have the ability to request that their driving privileges be reinstated. This would be called specialized driving privileges.

According to Indiana Code 9-30-16-3, the imposing court or the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles may place a hold on the suspension and grant you specialized driving privileges. In order to obtain these privileges, one must petition the court. The petition is required to,

  • Include the drivers date of birth, age, and address
  • Include why the driver is requesting specialized driving privileges
  • Be filed in the county where the driver currently resides
  • Be filed in a circuit or superior court in the county of the driver’s residence
  • Be signed and verified by the driver/petitioner, and
  • Be served upon the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the prosecuting attorney.

Typically, a person will seek specialized driving privileges to drive to and from work or during the course of the workday, for parenting obligations, and medical appointments, etc. However, one may petition the court for a number of driving privileges, based upon what may be proper in the situation and case. It is important to note that the decision whether to grant or deny these privileges is ultimately up to the judge in the court one is petitioning.

When a person has been granted specialized driving privileges, he or she must be sure to uphold proof of financial responsibility (SR22 insurance) during the duration of the privileges. One must also always carry a copy of the signed order in their vehicle and/or on their person. This gives the ability to show proof of driving privileges when requested by a police officer.


Specialized Driving Privileges Exceptions


According to the Indiana Code 9-30-16-1, the following drivers may not petition the court for specialized driving privileges:

  • A person who has never had a valid Indiana driver’s license
  • A person who holds a commercial driver’s license
  • A person who has refused to submit to a chemical test
  • A person who has been convicted for an offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle and causing the death of another person, or
  • A person who has previously received a specialized driving privilege and who has more than one (1) conviction for violating the terms of those specialized driving privileges.

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