DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving

For many, facing a drunk driving arrest can be a very intimidating experience and like most, it may be your first encounter with the law. Over the years, Indiana law makers have made OWI and DUI penalties tougher.

DUI/OWI drunk drivingMany individuals are not aware of their rights when fighting a DUI case and fail to realize that it is possible to challenge DUI charges, even if the blood alcohol content is high. However, the higher your blood alcohol concentration is, the stiffer the penalties. Not to mention, the mandatory fees required by law make DUI charges one of the most expensive criminal charges in Indiana.

It is essential to have an attorney to protect you. At Hayes Law, we pursue every legal option available and take into consideration that being charged with a DUI can have a substantial impact on your ability to drive and may adversely affect your personal and professional reputation.

A Drunk Driving Defense

We will examine the facts of your case and determine the answers to some of these key components that may impact the outcome of your case.  We will:

  • Explore if the arresting officer had sufficient cause to stop your vehicle.
  • Determine whether the officer who performed the stop on your vehicle, properly administered the breath, blood or a urine exam or field sobriety test.
  • Get evidence against you suppressed if it was in fact, unlawfully obtained.
  • Depending on the specifics of your arrest and processing, we will firmly litigate a potential dismissal, not guilty verdict upon trial, or settle a favorable plea agreement that enables you to avoid a criminal conviction.

If you are convicted of a drunk driving offense, the penalties can result in a license suspension, and a jail, or probation sentence. A drunk driving conviction may also affect your employment opportunities. Regardless of the circumstances of you case, Attorney Phillip Hayes will work aggressively to provide you with a viable defense through thoughtful skill and effort. As your defense team, we will devise strategies designed to seek the best possible outcome on your behalf. Contact the Hayes Law Office to schedule a free consultation.

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