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As a Criminal Defense Law Firm, irrespective of whether a client is charged with a misdemeanor or felony, we treat each case seriously.  In Indiana, a misdemeanor crime is charged as a lesser criminal act. If an individual is charged with a serious misdemeanor, he or she could face up to one year in jail, a potential probation sentence and up to a $5,000 in fines. While some individuals decide not to hire a lawyer to handle their misdemeanor charges, it is important to recognize that misdemeanor criminal charges can affect your future.

In today’s economic times many employers are likely to verify the criminal backgrounds of their candidates.  If given the opportunity to hire two equally qualified candidates, an employer may elect to hire the candidate without a misdemeanor conviction, regardless of its nature. Select an experienced defense attorney to learn about your rights and options. By thoroughly investigating each case, we take a proactive approach to negotiating pre-trial settlements and finding weaknesses in the prosecution’s arguments. More often than not, we are able to have misdemeanor charges dismissed, or at the very least reduced penalties.

Criminal Defense Attorney Philip Hayes works diligently to protect the rights of his clients and minimize the disruption that a simple misdemeanor criminal charge can cause. If a plea agreement is not completely in your best interest, Mr. Hayes will aggressively fight to protect your rights at trial and pursue the best possible outcome for your future.

criminal defense

An Aggressive Criminal Defense Against a WideRange of Indiana Felony Charges



Facing a felony conviction can change your life forever.  Depending on the felony level, sentencing penalties can range from six months to life in prison. A felony conviction could take you away from your family, adversely affect your criminal history record. A felony conviction could prevent potential employment opportunities and make accomplishing your future goals extremely difficult.

Although the evidence against you might appear overwhelming, our skilled felony defense work will meet the demands of your situation. Felony cases require the most knowledgeable legal counsel who can effectively evaluate the circumstances. Competent legal cancel will thoroughly prepare your case, manage the evidence against you, and skillfully advocate on your behalf.

If you have been arrested and charged with a felony, or if you are currently under investigation, Attorney Philip Hayes will work diligently to minimize the long-term damage.  by getting your charges, and/or get the sentence reduced. Most importantly, however, Hayes Law will protect you from an overly aggressive prosecution we can defend you on a broad range of state and federal felony criminal charges, including:

At Hayes Law, we are committed to protecting your rights, guiding and supporting you though what is, undoubtedly, a very difficult time in your life.  In some situations, the best potential outcome of the case is to negotiate a plea offer with the prosecution. If a plea deal is in your best interest, we will collaborate to negotiate with the prosecution to have the charges reduced. If a plea is not in your best interest, Attorney Philip Hayes will not hesitate to take your case to trial, consult with experts to help support defense strategies and evaluate the State’s evidence.  Contact the Hayes Law Office to schedule a free consultation.


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