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Distracted Driving

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If you are driving a motor vehicle in Indiana, you probably want the other drivers on the road to be paying attention. Distracted driving leads to thousands of accidents, some of which have been fatal here in Indiana.

Using a cell phone while driving is one of the most common forms of distracted driving. People use their phones to text and make phone calls while driving; however, these actives may not be legal to engage in while driving.

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Driving with a Suspending License

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is there a hardship license in indiana?

If your license is suspended for any reason, you should not be driving. However, losing your license can impose a heavy burden on your life and the lives of the people around you. So what happens if you decide to drive on your suspended license? You are very likely going to be charged with a criminal offense and may obtain a longer license suspension.

Consequences of driving with a suspending license

Under Indiana Code 9-24-19-2, “an individual who: (1) knows that [his] driving privileges, driver’s license, or permit is suspended or revoked; and (2) operates a motor vehicle upon a highway less than (10) years after the date on which judgment was entered against the individual for a prior unrelated violation of section 1 of this chapter; commits a Class A misdemeanor.” IC § 9-24-19-2 (Burns, Lexis Advance through P.L.210-2018, with gaps of P.L.177-2018, P.L.189-2018, and P.L.208-2018, from the Second Regular Session of the 120th General Assembly).

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