Juvenile Crimes

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At Hayes Law Office, we understand that protecting your child’s future is just as important as providing an aggressive defense against the alleged crime.  While juveniles commit the same kind of offenses as adults, people under the age of 18 are subject to a separate set of rules and a separate court system.  Attorney Philip Hayes offers an in-depth knowledge of the juvenile court system and has trial experience defending juveniles charged with a range of crimes throughout Indiana.  Mr. Hayes is qualified to handle all aspects of juvenile law and to provide legal counsel to children as well as their parents.  We understand that facing juvenile adjudication can adversely affect your child’s future.  It can affect their right to drive, entrance into college, and college scholarship awards.juveniles-in-detention

At Hayes Law, we recognize that issues may arise that involve criminal conduct, school suspensions, expulsions and juvenile delinquency.

We handle all types of juvenile offenses, including:

          Vandalism, graffiti
           Underage drinking and driving
           Minor in possession
           Drug possession and other drug crimes
           Theft, shoplifting, robbery
           Underage consumption or possession of alcohol
           Reckless driving
           Sex crimes
           Drug crimes
           Gang activity

In addition to reviewing the facts of your case, we will negotiate with prosecutors to lessen the offense(s) and penalties in favor of more suitable punishments, such as probation and community service.  At Hayes Law, we identify the strategies needed to minimize and eliminate the penalties.  Attorney Philip Hayes will begin preparing arguments in defense to the charges that the juvenile is facing.  We will work to minimize the penalties and to protect the juvenile’s future.  Contact the Hayes Law Office to schedule a free consultation.  Call 317.759.1515 or email the office.

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