Drug Charges

Experienced Indianapolis Drug Defense Attorney Serving Central Indiana

At Hayes Law, we defend the Constitutional rights of our clients against drug charges.  We offer criminal defense representation based on our comprehensive knowledge of Indiana drug laws and our skill in handling these specific types of cases.  We have extensive trial experience and proven track record of success.


Our firm is committed to seeing that your rights are protected at all costs, whether you are facing a first time marijuana possession charge, or a drug dealing charge.  We are fully aware that you are likely facing significant penalties.  Being convicted of a drug charge in Indiana may not appear to be very serious, but even misdemeanor charges can have a severely negative impact on your life.  Attorney Philip Hayes aggressively represents his clients and pursues strategies designed to get charges reduced, or dropped.  At Hayes Law, we can handle many drug cases and can obtained positive results for clients. 

We can provide state and federal drug defenses, including:


           Drug dealing
          Drug possession
           Drug manufacturing
           Drug distribution
           Drug trafficking
•           Marijuana Offenses
           Visiting a common nuisance
           Maintaining a common nuisance
           Possession of controlled substances
           Possession & Dealing of controlled substances
           Manufacture of controlled substances
           Medical prescription fraud
           Habitual Substance Offender Enhancement


At Hayes Law Office, we understand the consequences of a misdemeanor, or felony drug conviction.  Our firm takes a proactive, aggressive approach to defend against drug charges.  We know what it takes to fight those charges in court.  We work to ensure that you understand the details of your case.  We will also diligently work to get charges reduced, or dropped by challenging the evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure and by taking all other measures to protect our clients’ rights.  We are committed to protecting your freedom by creating a strong defense and by negotiating fair plea agreements when necessary.

Facing a potential conviction on a drug charge, whether it is a misdemeanor, or felony, can affect many areas of a person’s life.  This includes job opportunities, college admission as well as driving privileges.  It is critical that you speak with a skilled, experienced defense lawyer to preserve your rights and avoid the harsh penalties that drug related crimes hold.  At Hayes Law, we are committed and focused on doing everything within our power to ensure that you receive fair treatment under the law.  Contact the Hayes Law Office to schedule a free consultation.  Call 317.759.1515 or email the office.

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